ginger (3)

The root of the zingiber officinale plant, commonly referred to as ginger, has been used as a herbal medicine and spice for thousands of years. Originating in Asia, the ginger root is boiled in water, cooled, strained, and then served as ginger water for a variety of physical and mental ailments throughout the body. Although the ginger water gained popularity due to the fact it provided digestive comfort, the ginger water, in fact, holds the key to many other health benefits. Consider these ten amazing things about ginger water that you may not have been aware of:

1. Relieves Irritable Bowel Syndrome

People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, can get significant relief from their symptoms by consuming ginger water each day. The calming effects of the ginger water work on cleaning the digestive system of contaminants and toxins that can lead to the stomach discomfort. It also promotes good gut bacteria growth and can help sustain a proper ph-balance in the intestinal tract.

2. Protecting Against Alzheimer’s Disease

If there is a history of the Alzheimer’s disease in your family, drinking the ginger water can help to prevent this debilitating disease from developing. According to research that was conducted by the Mayo Clinic, ginger has the ability to slow down brain cell loss that is associated with the precursor to this disease. By drinking the ginger water each day, you are preserving and protecting the brain cells you are in a sense prolonging the good years in case the disease does begin to set in and affect your awareness.

3. Promotes Regulatory Functions

One of the best ways to regulate caloric burn is to improve the function of the digestive system. Too many people focus on cutting back on foods, only to deprive the body of essential nutrients and vitamins it needs to thrive. By drinking the ginger water several times a day, it acts like an appetite stimulant, getting those digestive fires burning before you eat a meal so the body produces adequate amounts of stomach acid to properly digest all the food efficiently.