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4. Relieving Tired Muscles

Sore muscles, especially after strength training, can deter you from continuing your exercise to get optimal results. This muscle pain is the type ginger water works best on, allowing those muscles to better recover and get you back to your workout routines faster. Instead of being out of commission on off days, now you have the strength to continue training and burning those calories around the clock.

5. Prevents Morning Sickness

Pregnant women should drink a glass of ginger water before bed and first thing in the morning to help lessen the symptoms associated with morning sickness. The ginger in the water acts like a calming agent, and this all-natural remedy will not harm the new baby in any way. In studies revealed by Web-MD, pregnant women who drank the ginger water had less bouts of morning sickness compared to those women given a placebo.

6. Reducing Arthritic Inflammation

Millions of Americans suffer from the painful symptoms of arthritis, and millions more are diagnosed every year as the baby boomers continue to get older. According to research conducted at the Arthritis Foundation, the anti-inflammatory nature of the ginger can help to relieve the discomfort associated with this disease. Instead of consuming pills or applying toxic medications to the affected areas, a few glasses of ginger water every day will calm the inflammation and allow the extremities to move more easily.

7. Improving Blood Circulation

One of the biggest benefits to the ginger water is that it will help to improve blood circulation. This is good news for young and old, because as the blood flows more freely, it will provide a huge burst of energy that can quickly combat bouts of fatigue or sluggishness. The ginger water is great to drink in colder weather conditions because it provides the body warmth that will radiate from the inside out. The healing powers of the ginger open the pores and improve the circulation, allowing the body heat to regulate effectively.