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There are a number of systems and programs available that promise huge results by helping you to miraculously shed several pounds a day so you can slip into that wedding dress or show up to your prom looking lean again. Those so-called miracle juices will, in fact, help you to shed those pounds quickly, but they also come at a huge price. By rushing the process, you not only deplete the body of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, the added strain on your vital organs can cause irreversible damage. One organ, in particular, the liver, performs over four hundred different functions in the body and if you are not nourishing correctly, you run the risk of disrupting those processes.

The liver is responsible for sifting through every little particle that comes into the body and uses what the body needs and eliminates the rest. The following ways to revitalize your liver will ensure that you do not overwhelm that vital organ and begin exhibiting the following symptoms: feeling sluggish, always tired, fast weight gain, suffering from severe headaches, odd digestive patterns, pain in the right side of the body, and skin discoloration. Keeping the liver healthy and clean will help to reduce the likelihood of a toxic overload.

Consider these five very easy ways to detox your liver, whether you are starting a healthy lifestyle or you need a regular tune-up:

1. Start Eating the Right Fats

The liver is responsible for breaking down the fats in the foods you consume and turning them into bile. It is very important that you carefully consider the foods that you are currently consuming and do not eliminate certain fatty foods from your diet. Many liver revitalizing diets that eliminate all fat are in fact putting too much strain on the organs and resulting in short-term gains at the cost of your long-term health. According to studies conducted by the National Liver Foundation, start including healthier foods in your diet. Begin eating more coconut, almonds, walnuts, chia, hemp, flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and avocado. These are all exceptional sources of the right fat for improving your diet. It is also important that you start reducing foods from your diet that contain animal fats because they can lead to artery-clogging inflammation. One thing you definitely need to exclude from your diet to clean up the liver is corn and soy vegetable oils.