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2. Drinking More Water

The way that the liver functions at its best is when it is clean, and flushing the liver with plenty of water each day is one of the most effective ways. The water that you drink each day contains several natural minerals that the liver utilizes to help it to run more efficiently. According to research released by Web-MD, the best water to drink is either purified or utilizes a filtration system to remove chlorine and carbon particles. Most people who complain they can not drink several cups of water each day can alleviate the problem by adding some fresh fruit or vegetables to the water. To help the liver run more effectively, adding a slice of lemon to your water each day will provide more vitamin C and essential minerals the liver utilizes to do its job. Adding cucumber, orange, lemon, or grapefruit to the water can enhance the cleansing process for the liver and sweep out the waste more easily. Flushing the liver also allows the blood to remain at optimal pH levels.

3. Taking Healthy Supplements

With so many different supplements available on the market, the choice to find one that will help the liver to cleanse more easily can be quite a challenge. Research at the Mayo Clinic suggests when looking for a good natural supplement, go for the ones high in quality vitamin B and selenium. These help the liver to easily metabolize any substances in the body and will promote a healthy organ too. There are many herbal supplements that contain artichoke leaf or milk thistle that also will cleanse the liver. A plant-based multivitamin, liver support supplements, or vitamin B supplements will all do the job quite nicely. As with any supplements, it is always a good idea to speak with a physician and explain the reason why you are taking them and what end-result you are working towards with concern to your health.