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3.Painful Brain Freeze

Everyone is familiar with the brain freeze, that intense pounding in the temples after eating ice cream, drinking frozen smoothies, or gulping down ice-cold soda too quickly. These particular headaches will occur instantly after the cold substance is digested, and this pain to the sides of the head generally lasts for only a minute. In severe cases, that pounding can go one for a while until the effects of the cold subside and the symptoms will lessen. According to studies that were conducted at the John Hopkins Headache Center, the pain in the brain is a combination of the cold effects on blood vessels combined with direct stimulation of the temperature sensitive nerves that are located on the roof of the mouth. Continuing this behavior can trigger longer lasting headaches, so it is recommended if you are drinking anything cold that you do it in moderation to allow the nerves to become acclimated to the temperatures.

4.Consuming Smoked Meats

Pickled, canned, or cured meats like deli meats, beef jerky, and pastrami, all contain synthetic food preservatives called nitrites and nitrates. These additives will dilate the blood vessels, resulting in the development of headaches. According to research conducted at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, these foods do not always trigger the same response in every person. The people who will develop severe migraine headaches when eating smoked meats will have more of a sensitivity to food related issues. The best way to identify the leading causes is to first get and keep a detailed journal about each food that passes through your lips. Keep a detailed list of the times you experience headaches to see if they are triggered by eating the same foods again and again. Once you identify the causes and discover the patterns, you can limit your diet and eliminate those painful headaches.