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5.Being Dehydrated

One of the leading causes of headaches is dehydration, and most people are not even aware they are in a dehydrated state until they feel thirsty. According to the Mayo Clinic, dehydration is known in the medical world as a secondary headache. When the body becomes dehydrated, it sends out a signal to the brain that water is needed, and those pain-sensitive nerves in the head will set off the alarm first. The body becomes dehydrated when water and electrolytes are lost quickly, and the body sends out a signal that it is unable to perform normal functions. The narrowing of the blood vessels as a result trigger headaches and can be quickly resided by consuming enough fluids to return the body to a healthy state. The Mayo Clinic states that in order to avoid dehydration that you should drink plenty of fluids before and after exercise. Men need to drink 13 cups each day compared to 9 for women.

These types of headache and things they say about your health are all warning signals that something is wrong in the body and needs attention. Rather than run for the medicine cabinet each time you have a headache, identifying the underlying cause and taking steps to address that issue will go a long way in promoting a healthier lifestyle. Understanding what your body is trying to tell you can help you address issues quickly and eliminate those painful symptoms.