nuggets (2)

Many people order chicken nuggets from their favorite fast food restaurant for one of three reasons, they taste great, they are affordable, and they are conveniently ready in minutes. Many people have been fooled to believe these delicious chicken nuggets are packed with all white meat and good for the body, because advertisers try to promote those values. The sad truth when it comes to these chicken nuggets is many times they are more than just the white meat of the chicken.

1. Crunchy Tissue

Many people choose the chicken nuggets as a better alternative to red meats. The problem is that the track record concerning the development of the nugget is much worse. According to a study that was released by the American Journal of Medicine, they compared the chicken nuggets from two fast food establishments and found each was comprised of fifty percent tissue. The rest of that chicken nugget was cartilage, nerve endings, bone fragments, blood vessels, and pure fat. Rather than incorporate low-fat chicken white meat into the ingredients of the chicken nuggets, many companies have opted for an artificial mixture of assorted chicken parts, then batter them up, fry them, and label them chicken nuggets.

2. Salmonella Poisoning

When an outbreak of salmonella hit the chicken industry and hundreds were hospitalized in 18 states, there didn’t seem to be any decline in sales of the popular chicken nuggets in those states. When that antibiotic-resistant strain outbreak occurred, scientists around the country were concerned because even after seven antibiotics were developed, it did nothing to slow the outbreak. According to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thirteen percent of those infected were facing serious life-threatening whole body inflammation. The outbreak stemmed from fecal matter that was present on chicken carcasses, product contamination, and insanitary dressing practices. Even after all these concerns, the facilities that supplied the chickens used for producing chicken nuggets was never shut down.