nuggets (3)

3. Chicken Ingredients Revealed

If the fast food restaurants actually revealed in their commercials exactly what ingredients were in those nuggets, they would be taken off the menu tomorrow for lack of sales. Even though many people who enjoy the nuggets know they have zero health benefits, as more information comes out about the actual ingredients, people are beginning to reconsider their options. In one report released by the Daily Mail, a young girl who consumed chicken nuggets from her favorite fast food chain recently collapsed with anemia and inflamed veins throughout her tongue. Studies conducted by the American Journal of Medicine reveal new facts about all the mystery ingredients inside the chicken nuggets.When a few nuggets were examined from a variety of fast food sources, it was revealed each contained high amounts of blood vessels, internal organs, skin cells, and nerve endings. CNN recently blew the cover of further investigations by revealing these chicken nuggets contain the anti-foaming agent dimethylpolysiloxane that is commonly found in the children’s toy Silly Putty.

4. Deadly Arsenic

Chances are pretty good that if you were told that there was arsenic in your food that you would avoid it and eat something else. Unfortunately after FDA and Center of Food Safety petitions concerning the removal of all poultry arsenic products were released, many sponsors of that drug requested the ban be removed, and still today at least one compound, nitarsone, is still on the market. So the birds feed on this arsenic compound, basically because it promotes weight gain and improves the chicken pigmentation. The Environmental Health Perspectives still found that there are detectable levels of the arsenic in chicken used for making chicken nuggets. These chickens are also fed caffeine to stay awake longer so they eat more and get fatter fast. The caffeine and other active ingredients has been found in the feathers of these chickens, and when the entire chicken is ground to make material for the chicken nugget, those dangerous ingredients wind up in the fast food.