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3. Canola Oil

In a staggering study released by the Food and Drug Administration, over ninety percent of all canola oil for sale in the United States is genetically modified. Unlike the soy oil or corn oil, the canola oil can not be consumed in another form. Cooking with the canola oil is not advised because of the polyunsaturated fat, which in basic terms means double-bonds. The more double-bonds in the food, the more delicate and unstable and therefore the foods are subject to more oxidizing and then going rancid. According to the Farm Policy Journal, a more healthy alternative to the canola oil is choosing a virgin coconut oil or a high quality olive oil in place of your salad dressings.

4. Canned Soups

The majority of ingredients that are in the canned soups available at the supermarket are high in genetically modified organisms. One of the most common ingredients in canned soup is corn, and according to research that was released by the Non-GMO Project, this year over 88 percent of all the corn that is being planted in the United States is in fact GMO. Now not only are these canned soups being stuffed with GMO vegetables, recently is was revealed that many of the can soup manufactures use oil as the third ingredient in many soups. The oil does not come from corn, but from the GMO canola oil. Cottonseed and soybeans are also increasing in GMO productivity, up to 94 percent in the United States. Be sure to carefully ready the ingredients on the label of any canned soup and consider the healthy benefits of filling a crock pot with fresh organic vegetables and making then preserving your own.

5. Frozen Foods

The frozen food aisle in your local supermarket is perhaps one where more GMO foods are present than any other. In particular, frozen foods or those cute kid-friendly frozen foods that are labeled as quick and healthy alternatives. These frozen foods are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, and according to the Institute for Responsible Technology, even if the high fructose corn syrup is not on that frozen food ingredient list, the fact that there is non-cane sugars being used is a good sign that the food is packed with GMOs. The sugar beet provides Americans half of all their consumable sugar, and over 95 percent of those sugar beets have been engineered using genetically modified seeds.