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More people are making the switch from traditional corn oil for cooking to coconut oil as an increase in benefits are becoming associated with this amazing natural product. The unique combinations of fatty acids in the coconut oil can help with body mass, improved brain function, and increased energy levels. Consider these top eight reasons coconut oil is the best one you can use.

1. Huge Appetite Suppressant

One of the interesting benefits of the coconut oil is that it helps to trick the body into thinking it is more full than it really is. This unique and healthy appetite suppressant will reduce your hunger because of the way that fatty acids are metabolized. In a study revealed by Web-MD, those patients who consumed the coconut oil during breakfast went on to eat a much smaller lunch and still felt satisfied. By reducing the foods you consume, you can help to maintain a healthy body weight, increase your energy level, or reduce your weight without the use of dangerous diet suppressant pills. Many Ketogenic diets call for increase of Coconut Oil as fat boost to increase ketomine production.

2. Improved Cognitive Functions

The coconut oil contains fatty acids that can help improve cognitive function and reduce symptoms in those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. These patients who suffer with the disease tend to have a reduced ability to utilize glucose for energy in areas of the brain. The fatty acids in the coconut oil can help to increase the blood levels of ketone bodies, therefore supplying the brain cells an adequate amount of healthy nutrients. When the brain gets the nutrients it needs to thrive, the entire body benefits as a whole.