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By now you are probably aware of all the wholesome benefits of eating a banana each day. In fact, the banana has become the most popular fruit in the United States, with over six billion pounds of bananas consumed every year. In a study that was released by Pacific Lutheran University, if you are looking for health benefits, consider eating the red banana. The red banana has the flesh of a traditional yellow banana with one unique twist, the flavor has a raspberry hint to it. Here are some of the many hearty reasons red bananas are awesome and why you should be incorporating them into your diet.

1. Preventing Kidney Stones

The red banana is rich in potassium like the yellow bananas, and are an essential nutrient for ensuring the body is working properly. The potassium in the red banana helps to prevent the formation of cancer, heart diseases, and kidney stones. The red banana can also help the body to retain calcium, important for improved bone density. Children especially can benefit from eating red bananas because it will ensure proper bone development and growth. The elderly begin to lose calcium and eating more red bananas can fill that void.

2. Improved Blood Quality

The red banana is rich in both anti-oxidants and vitamins. These are essential for improving the overall hemoglobin count and increasing the quality of blood flowing throughout your body. Vitamin B-6 especially is essential for the metabolism of both proteins and the red blood cells. The anti-oxidants and vitamins aid in transforming tryptophan to serotonin. This process is essential in the body to manufacture antibodies while maintaining a healthier immune system. Eating just one red banana will meet over 20% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B6.

3. Improved Hair Quality

The red banana has essential natural oils, is rich in potassium, vitamins, and carbohydrates. What this means for the body is your hair quality will improve greatly from eating one red banana each day. The ingredients in the red banana will help to soften the hair while protecting the natural elasticity. The oils help to prevent breakage and split ends from developing. The other benefits to the hair are more manageability, improved growth, more shine, and the ability to control dandruff.