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If you are not one of the millions of Americans already enjoying the long list of health benefits of eating hummus, this article should convince you to start eating this tasty dish. The hummus is nothing more than a dip made from olive oil, chickpeas, salt, and lemon juice. According to research conducted by the New York Times, the hummus industry has exploded from $5 million dollars in the year 2001 to over $530 million dollars in recent years. Chances are pretty good that someone in your inner circle is already enjoying this delicious and wholesome food alternative.

This dish is not only extremely simple to make, the following reasons to eat more hummus are pretty beneficial.

1. Helping Alleviate Anemia

Tahini, known as sesame seed butter, and chickpeas are a great source of iron. The more iron in your diet, the easier oxygen is delivered to your red blood cells. One issue that occurs in the body when there is a lack of iron is anemia. According to research at the Mayo Clinic, those suffering from this loss of red blood cells will experience fatigue, shortness of breath, skin pallor, being light headed, and even dizziness. Eating hummus can help the body to fight off the symptoms associated with anemia.

2. Reduce Symptoms of Allergies

The American population has seen an explosion in food allergies in recent years. Many people can not eat dairy, peanuts, or gluten. This reduces their diet significantly, but luckily hummus is not on that list of foods that need to be replaced. Hummus is not only dairy-free, it is nut-free and gluten-free too. If you suffer from any of those allergies you can start eating healthy hummus instead. Since the hummus can be changed to make different flavors, it can replace many of those dishes you love but are allergic to.

3. Balancing Your Blood Sugar

The hummus is packed with nutrients, all of which play an important role in helping to better balance your blood sugar levels. Research at the American Diabetes Association showed that the high protein content of the hummus will help the body to feel fuller for longer periods of time, allowing the body to better process glucose. One of the added benefits of eating the hummus is that you will be feeling fuller, resulting in the ability to curb cravings and maintain a healthier diet throughout the day.