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4. Improve Muscle, Bone, and Blood Health

Is it really possible that one little dip can have so many powerful healing qualities? Yes, the ingredients in the hummus can help in a number of systems throughout the body because the high protein content is an essential building block for blood, skin, muscle, and bone health. Many people get these nutrients from meat, but now even vegetarians can get in on the healthy benefits by getting their extra protein from the hummus dip.

5. Excellent for Weight Moderation

Looking to lose some weight, taking the healthy route is more beneficial to the body than dangerous diet supplements or extreme exercise. Traditional hummus contains sesame seed butter, also known as tahini, and contains a good amount of monounsaturated fats. These contain their own unique set of benefits to the body, ranging from reducing belly fat and promoting weight loss. The monounsaturated fat is a substitute for polyunsaturated fats and bad trans fats that can cause weight gain and increase the belly fat.

6. Reduce Dangerous Cholesterol

The chick pea in the hummus is also known as garbanzo beans. According to studies at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, these beans are extremely high in nutrients and have been shown to lower cholesterol. Making your own hummus is recommended because the store brands tend to be higher in sodium, and for those trying to avoid heart disease, making it at home allows you to better control the healthy ingredients.