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7. Excellent Food Substitute

There are many foods that you consume on a daily basis that can be especially bad for your overall health. Eating hummus as a substitute for many of those foods will help you to avoid all of those negative effects on your body. For example, hummus is an excellent substitute for mayonnaise, which is basically nothing more than fat and eggs. Certain salad dressings are packed with fats, the hummus can be poured over salad after mixed with either broth or water. Instead of calorie packed ranch dressing, the hummus is a great alternative for dipping your raw vegetables.

8. Reducing Cancer Properties

One of the biggest health benefits of eating hummus is that the beans have cancer preventing properties. According to the National Cancer Institute, beans are packed with saponins, phytic acid, and protease inhibitors, and all have been found in testing to guard the cells from damage that can result in the development of cancer.

9. Helping You Stay Regular

The healing properties of the hummus can also help to keep your digestive system running effectively. Eating hummus has the ability to keep you regular, due to the fiber content that is essential for colon health. This tasty dip will go a long way in helping the body to digest foods more efficiently and keep your body working at an optimal state.

If you are still on the fence about hummus, than these nine reasons we need to eat more hummus for better health should have convinced you to at least give it a try and see. You never know, you might actually like it! Once you start out with the basic hummus, you can start adding your favorite fruits, different vegetables, some spices, a variety of herbs, basically all those healthy foods you are already eating.

Once you start incorporating the hummus into your diet, you will, look, feel, and be a much healthier you. Start eating the hummus and you will be hooked on it because you can mix it up to taste completely different each time you eat it. That should inspire you to start eating healthier and working on promoting optimal health for the rest of your life.